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From: Barbara
To: Maine Cottage Properties
Subject: Request: Vacation Rental Information

Our family is looking for a quiet, restful getaway to MDI this summer. There are four of us, two adults and two boys, ages 12 and 15. We visited MDI years and years ago, and had a very unfortunate experience with a rental that turned out to have 2x4 bunkbeds, years worth of dirt and grime, a mildewed, outdated bathroom, etc. We were horribly disappointed, and have been very cautious about rentals ever since. We'd like to spend two weeks, in order to really settle in, and would like to have a water view, some peace and quiet, a place to relax outside with views, and proximity to the hiking and biking at Acadia. Any information, assistance, advice you can offer would be very much appreciated. We're fairly flexible about timing, but would need to be back home in NY for mid-August sports practices starting.

Thank you for your help,
A mom in need of a relaxing time with her family!

From: Barbara
To: Maine Cottage Properties
Subject: Re: Request: Vacation Rental Information

Thanks for responding, Karen. My husband and I spent a week on MDI with our oldest son in the fall of 1990. It's one of those places we always assumed we'd go back. We'd really like to spend two weeks, so we can really settle in and relax. We'd looked at other "adventure" vacations, and were appalled by the cost. All we really want is a comfortable place to stay, a few nice meals, and something active to do during the day. And Maine won!

Our needs are fairly simple, but I'm really choosy. The house we rented in 1990 was really just horrible. It hadn't been thoroughly cleaned in years, the furniture was decrepit, everything smelled, and the bathroom was like a really bad science experiment. I really shudder thinking about it all these years later.

In the meantime, we've rented condos and townhomes at ski areas, some with more success than others. The one thing I've learned is that almost certainly more money means a better rental. I'm always appalled by rentals that are filled with cheap plastic patio furniture, hand-me-down mattresses that no one wants to sleep on anymore, and sofas that no slipcover can make look attractive. Know what I mean? We'd like the following, and maybe you can figure out where we'll have to compromise.

  • We really want to see the water if we can - preferably ocean, but seeing the sound or a harbor would be lovely, too.
  • We'd prefer a house over a condo - we'd really like to be all alone. The more privacy the better, as we live in a very congested area, and really prefer solitude. We're not the type who like to make friends on vacation - we really just like to get away to be together.
  • Three bedrooms, if possible, as the boys prefer not to sleep together (yes, they're spoiled!).
  • A hot tub is on my husband's list, and I'd like to have a place to hang out outside - porch, picnic table, dock to read, maybe bbq at night, or have a campfire.
  • The boys ask that we find someplace that throws in a kayak for fun, if possible.
  • I'm not stuck on a location, but I think our last choice would be in or right near Bar Harbor. Too crazy, if memory serves. We'd really prefer to drive in when we want company, but be quiet the rest of the time. (Don't we sound really boring?)
  • Price? I was thinking about $2000 per week? Of course, that can be negotiable, and if we save money that's fine, too. We'd prefer to go up a level to get what we want than to compromise.

Your suggestions are very welcome, and your reassurance that the houses are clean and comfortable means a lot. More photos would be very helpful, and, again, reassuring. I'll look forward to hearing back on what you think would be appropriate for us.

Thank you,

Barbara rented a cottage in Bass Harbor from us, and she was very pleased that we could meet her requirements. She has become a repeat client that I have worked with thru the years.


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